Overcoming The Fear Of Failure


All of us have been in this situation. Fear of failing at a task has stopped us dead in our tracks. Whether it was the first time you rode a bike or the time you decided to start your company. Fear of failure is a state that is present to some degree whenever we decide to something new or significant. Although a commonality between us all, overcoming this fear becomes a priority when you take on leadership roles in an organization. Overcoming it is not only necessary for personal growth, but it is also crucial to realizing your full potential and lead your venture successfully.

Fear of failure can be paralyzing. It leads to inaction, self-doubt, and lack of self-confidence, hampering your decision-making and leadership skills. Considering the high impact, the next question that comes to mind is how does one get over the fear of failure?  These next few steps and some willpower are the key ingredients to get past this fear.



Fear of failure can stem from a variety of sources. Introspect as to what exactly is causing it. Often, it isn’t the failure that stops us from taking risks, it is the other negative outcomes or our beliefs. Whether it is something as tangible as financial loss or something as emotional as embarrassment, based on our past experiences, we assume the worst and focus on the negative till it seems more plausible than the positive outcome.  Take some time to introspect on the real reason behind your fear before moving on to the next step.



Counter your negative beliefs with facts. Sometimes, enormity and complexity of certain situations can make them seem more daunting. Break down the problem at hand into simplified chunks of tasks. By doing this, you will get more clarity about the feasibility and risk potential of the situation. Simplified tasks are easier to manage. Visualize the future obstacles that you may encounter and think of possible solutions.


Counter your fear with contingencies plans and learnings. Having backup solutions is a practical way to deal with the fear of failure. A rather abstract but more beneficial way to deal with the possible fear of failure is to look at it as a learning opportunity and consider the potential lessons that could come your way. 



While failure is one possibility in any situation, the other possibility is always success. If the fear of failure seems to be taking over, spend some time considering the positive outcomes if your endeavor succeeds. Understand the importance of taking this risk and think of the results of not taking any action at all.

There cannot be success without the possibility of failure. To make any progress there needs to be action. Failure is where the real lessons lie. If the fear of failure seems to be stopping you from taking the next step, consider the repercussion of not making any effort at all. Staying in your comfort zone and seeking safety hardly ever leads progress or growth.