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Executive coaches use tools and methodologies such as 360-degree feedback or psychological assessments to guide the coaching relationship. It’s used in organizational settings to improve employee, team and organizational performance in a number of ways, including but not limited to: helping shorten the learning curve in a new organization, country or role, succession planning and career planning, to improve job satisfaction, flexibility, interpersonal relationships, and leadership and management skills




The nature of business requires today's leaders to acquire knowledge of the company’s business structure and develop a deeper understanding of business issues. Increasingly, senior leaders are engaged in transacting business and interacting with stakeholders across the globe, they have direct or matrix reporting relationships which spread across the organization, necessitating change in leadership style based on the situation.





Senior Coach Rajeev Shroff facilitates the transformation of leaders into CXO roles. His ability to quickly comprehend and adopt the corporate transformation and growth strategy has allowed him to successfully empower new generations of leaders. His work with companies seeking to invest in developing and retaining valuable executives, his support for leaders in times of strategic growth and his unwavering dedication to enhancing the leadership skills of his clients continuously set him apart. Rajeev is a true leader in his field who empowers others to become true leaders in their fields.




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Are your mangers struggling to reliably hit ambitious team goals?



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