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Coaching helps aspiring leaders define their direction through a series of powerful and purposeful conversations.

It’s important to define the chosen direction in context of the leader’s personal values and their true unrealized potential. Both values and potential are unraveled further through use of powerful tools as part of the coaching process.


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  • Executive coaching as a means to improve one’s skills and abilities is a fairly recent phenomenon within organizations as a favorable activity for up-and-comers or personnel in the C-Suite.
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  • It is said that the explosion of the executive coaching activity occurred because it simply works. Executive coaches use tools and methodologies such as 360-degree feedback or psychological assessments to guide the coaching relationship.
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  • The ultimate purpose of enlisting an executive coach is to assist in improving the personal and professional growth of managers and executives which will positively influence their leadership, co-workers and direct reports.
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  • The Executive Coach should be selected based on their ability to identify an effect approach for coaching. A Harvard Business Report recommends that if a coach is unable to identify the methodology they will use, then organizations should continue looking for a coach that can articulate their approach for coaching.
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  • It is important when entering a coaching relationship that manager or executive coach is also committed to the process of being coached. They should “have fierce desire to learn” as stated in the Harvard Business Review Research Report, in order to be open to the feedback given by the assessment methodology.
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  • The crux of success for executive coaching comes through the relationship between the coach and the manager or executive. The relationship begins with ensuring that the selected coach (either by the client or the client’s organization) is a good match with the manager or executive to be coached.
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  • Finally, it is important that the organization of the manager or executive supports the executive coaching experience and relationship. Read More


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