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A Trailblazing Leader who is Always in a Quest of Learning New Things

Mr. Rajeev Shroff, at Cupela Consulting is a renowned business leader who is known for sharp business acumen and diligence. Backed with significant experience in accelerating performance, transforming businesses, and working in high action situations, Here are the excerpts of that interview...continue reading

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Preserve Your Core

We dreamt of space travel, hover boards, flying cars, and many other revolutionary changes. Little did we know that our lives were going to change in phenomenal ways in the coming decades, but not as we had imagined. Technology has seamlessly integrated itself in our lives in such subtle ways that we do not notice its existence.



A Culture Beyond Paper & Jargon

Walk into any corporate office, and you are likely to see company values, vision and other mission statements plastered across window panels and on walls. While this is indeed a common sight but one does wonder ‘how does one actually live up to company values?’



Companies Today Need to Focus On The Needs of Their Employees: Here’s Why

It is the age where human resources and technology have joined hands and talent management, from recruitment to retention is fast-paced, efficient and technologically heavy.

Decoding People Behaviour In A Complex Organisation

Getting all Its people together for a unified goal along with their differences is critical for an Organisation. An organisation exist but to grow and expand. This advancement develops layers upon layers in an organisational structure – which means more people with different behaviour patterns across all levels… continue reading



Managing A Leader's Insecurities!

Anyone in a leadership role is aware that though being a manager gives an awesome feeling, however, being a manager is tough. From supervising multiple personalities across teams to making tough decisions without erring, it is both a struggle and an achievement every day to play the lead role. 



Before They Change You

Heard somebody whispering and concluded that it was about you? Every time somebody at work is having a‘personal’ conversation, do you feel the need to interfere and point out that they should be ‘working’?

 What You Need to Know Before Signing an M&A Deal

Rajeev Shroff, executive business coach and board member at Cupela Consulting, said that when you look at many tech companies, they are living in a bubble and are struggling, where a buyout can add to a lot of strain. There is also funding mania, and post merger they run risks of losing key management… continue reading



Analytics and the changing HR game

There are numerous definitive ways in which Big Data and analytics can change the HR game, enabling an efficient and agile shift in human resource development and management. What are some of the areas that analytics will play a huge part, and how will this shape the future of the corporate world?



Team Cohesion With Differences

Teams are an amalgamation of various types of people. Everyone has a different outlook, yes, but how can we bring all these schools of thought together and channel the differences in a positive manner?

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