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About Cupela Business Consulting & Executive Coaching

Cupela Business Coaching & Executive Consulting supports companies in the retention and development of their high potential executives. When executives are faced with significant transformations such as dramatic growth or change of management, succession planning, or transition, we are there as either coach, consultants, or both.

Cupela will fill any potential skill gaps and equip the leadership team to successfully tackle those challenges. We do this by supporting companies in developing skills such as organizational savvy, building global alliances, conflict management, executive presence, improving motivational skills, and many more.

Our executive coaching offers business professionals intensive personal development for a higher level role along with guidance to think through a critical career situation, as an experienced and confidential sounding board.

Cupela coaching will support executives in identity-defining long term strategy and self-direction, or address issues that are stalling progress in their career. Cupela believes leaders of all levels can reach their full potential if they engage in a coaching relationship with someone who is deeply committed to their development and has the fundamental experience and expertise necessary.

Cupela Executive Coaching & Business Consulting in India

Cupela Executive Coaching & Business Consulting in India



Transforming Leaders

Rajeev manages Cupela, a platform for Transformational Coaching and Consulting, which works with leading organizations in India. In addition, he also runs a Startup Investment Group – Ten Innovate. Further responsibilities include being a fractional CEO at SmartDrive India & a Leadership Advisor for the non-profit organization This variety of roles ensures that his Executive Coaching is solidly based on a lifetime of hands-on experience.

As a Senior Coach, Rajeev facilitates the transformation of leaders into Executive roles & enables Executives to realize their full potential. His ability to quickly comprehend and adapt to a corporate transformation and growth strategy has allowed him to empower many new generations of leaders successfully.
His extensive portfolio of successful coaching work with companies seeking to invest in developing and retaining valuable executives bears witness to his capabilities. His support for leaders in times of strategic growth and his unwavering dedication to enhancing the leadership skills of his clients makes him stand out in the field of executive coaching. Rajeev is a true leader in the coaching arena who empowers others to become true leaders in their own arenas.

Senior Coach & Consultant

Senior Coach & Consultant

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Executive Coaching by the leading Executive Coach in India to enhance leadership qualities

Executive Coaching by the leading Executive Coach in India to enhance leadership qualities


Executive Coaching Expertise

Rajeev, the leading Executive Coach in India has worked extensively in transitioning leaders to their next higher-level position. He has coached leaders into recognizing their personal direction & building a deeper self-awareness.

He coaches his clients into enhancing their leadership competencies, including but not limited to, acquiring the skill for designing a 90-day transition plan, managing confrontations, motivating and swaying board members, etc…

All Cupela Consulting & Coaching assignments have defined goals and a clear ROI focus. Rajeev leverages his in-depth global business and board room experience, his deep knowledge base and credentials.

Rajeev has successfully completed many coaching assignments with a diverse group of businesses in the Telecom, Govt., Wireless, Venture Capital and Financial sectors, as well as in the Fashion, Organic food, Digital Media, e-Commerce, ITES, and IT industries.



Rajeev, the foremost Business Consultant in India has consulted on many global projects working closely with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. He has also worked as a management consultant for companies, leveraging his direct in-depth execution experience on multiple occasions. Rajeev advises his clients in the following areas in implementing changes for clients as a Management Consultant in:

  • Business Transformation processes

  • Sustained business growth

  • Updating of company’s workflow structures

  • Adopting & transforming a business to remain competitive

  • Executive Personnel transformations

  • Human resource issues like hiring Senior Leadership

  • Global expansion

He also offers his services as a Fractional CEO and is currently engaged in such a role with SmartDrive Inc. to improve business results across the board for their India operation.

He has helped over 50 startups in successfully improving their business strategy and driving sustainable business growth.

Local & Global Project Consulting

Local & Global Project Consulting

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Rajeev holds multiple Coaching credentials and uses a unique blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring styles, adopted from his vast corporate leadership & coaching experience. He holds the unique advantage of multiple Global coaching credentials.

His consulting work is based on first-hand knowledge acquired over many years, during which he consulted on Global and India based projects as well as his work for many start-ups. Thanks to his consultancy work these projects and many start-ups made a success of their ventures.

In India he is one of a few Master Certified Coaches by the International Coach Federation, and is also certified as a CEO Coach through the Coaching Foundation India and N.E.W.S. Coaching, Switzerland.

Rajeev is further associated with various global and regional Coaching & Leadership Development Organizations:

Master Credentialed Coach, International Coach Federation

• Leadership Team, ICF Bangalore Chapter

• Member, Coaching Foundation India

• Member, CoachSource, one of the worlds largest coaching organizations



Associated with various global and regional Coaching & Leadership Development Organizations:


Master Credentialed Coach


Leadership Team








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Rajeev’s unique Coaching & Consulting experience opens your door to success

Rajeev’s unique Coaching & Consulting experience
opens your door to success



A sample of  his areas of successful Coaching & Consulting experience:

  • Sounding board for strategy, career guidance and activate long-term high performance

  • Transition to a Business leader, building competencies, 30-60-90 day strategy

  • Coaching leaders who need intensive personal development, enabling their full potential

  • Increasing self-awareness, creating personal direction statement, executive presence

  • Mentoring entrepreneurs & startups in the growth stage focused on scaling their business

  • Support for leaders in times of dramatic growth and change or succession planning


Corporate Experience

Rajeev had long stints with Global companies in diverse roles such as Vice President, Service Delivery at Avaya. Furthermore, he worked as Senior Director, Global Services at Oracle where he gained significant experience in accelerating performance, transforming businesses, and working in high action situations. This included, building global software delivery organizations from the ground up with headcount of 2000+ in India, China & Argentina.

He has engaged with startups as Advisory Board Member at Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator. He leads an Angel Investment Group – TEN Innovate,  His diverse startup exposure, focuses on constant innovation, coupled with experience in scaling, and connecting with different groups, keeps him abreast of current global business practices.


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