Owner's Mindset

Everyone is exploring what we can learn from startups. How can we innovate, become a more agile company? If you speak to a startup, they will tell you they have the same challenges as you - finding good talent. The talent they get is mediocre, so then how do startups succeed?

At the root of success of startups is the Founder. It's really the founder who drives the agenda! Founders bring energy, focus, clarity, speed, adaptability, open-mindedness, vitality, and customer devotion. This energy drives the successful startup more than anything else. That is why many VC’s invest in the team first, and business plan later.

That is why I should behave like this is my company. I am completely responsible for anything which goes wrong. A lot of people operate as if - this is that person’s job, that is literally the root cause of slow progress in corporations.

One should feel personal responsibility and emotional engagement.

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Owners are Nonconformist

Tackle the Impossible +

owners are not limited by what is possible, there is no limit to what can be achieved

Constant Turbulence +

steady state is a bad idea, there is no concept of settling down time. Just do it, and then move to what next?

Relentless Experimentation +

What else can we try to improve? What else can we disprove?


Owners are frontline focused.

Value Driven +

Usually the customer facing employees create the most value for the customer, owners ensure they are happy. It always starts at the bottom and stops at the top.

Listening Skills +

Owners frequently reach out and listen to the lowest level employee, understand and trust their perspective, empower and enable them, don't rely on filtered information.

Holistic Approach +

Examine every activity we do. If the activity does not help the customer or frontline employees, the work, in all probability, is a waste of the owner’s time.

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Owners are obsessed with the details.

Small Things Matter +

Every small thing matters to owners, they obsess with detail, specially anything which the customer will experience.

Leading The Way +

They like being in the driving seat, holding the wheel. They feel that the moment they look away, accidents happen.

+Collaboration +

Keep constant pulse of the organization - talk to people, question, do not get bogged down by hierarchy.


Owners Have Bold Ambitions

Value Driven +

They always focus on creating newer and greater value for people, customers, and stakeholders.

Principle Oriented +

If they catch themselves doing something which does not create value, they abandon it.

10X Mindset +

They do not focus on incremental thinking, they have a "10X Mindset"


Owners Keep Moving Forward

Resiliency +

Owners cannot stand loss of momentum, or anyone stalling progress

Disruptors +

They despise organizational politics, lack of progress due to turf issues, silo thinking, or personal agendas

Action Oriented +

They have a bias for action - inaction is not acceptable to them