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will dive deeply into your company’s structure, identify and fix any
week points in marketing, management, workflow, production etc…


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is your organizational design & transformation partner that will coach leaders
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What can Cupela Consulting do for your corporation?
Today’s rapidly changing global business environment not only requires fast competent decision making, which is essential for your business to survive and to thrive, but also requires a flawless management and production process. This is equally vital for a start-up as it is for any established corporation. If a business has been active for many years, it can become difficult for executives who have been involved in daily procedures to spot shortfalls or chances of opportunities for improvement. Repetitive processes often “dull” one's perception and all seems “normal”. Change becomes difficult. Here is where Cupela Consulting comes in. We dive deeply into your corporation’s management and production structure With an untainted fresh view, we not only point out any shortcomings or opportunities for improvement but fix or implement those changes in cooperation with your employees.
For start-ups, Cupela Consulting will make sure that your workflow in management and production is flawless right from the start and will inject ideas based on many years of experience and knowledge



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Cupola Executive coaches use means and methodologies such as 360° feedback and psychological assessments to develop their coaching relationships. These methods have been developed exclusively by Cupela Coaching and are used in managerial/executive settings to improve employee, team and organizational performance in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Shortening the learning curve in new organizational settings, locations, or newly acquired positions.

  • Succession planning, as well as career planning, are also an important part of the coaching process since they will improve motivation and job satisfaction.

  • Unique coaching techniques developed by Cupela which will result in an executive who experiences a high level of job satisfaction, who is also highly motivated which in turn will show significant improvements in his/her interpersonal relationships and governance, as well as management skills




Senior Coach Rajeev Shroff facilitates the transformation of leaders into Executive roles. His ability to quickly comprehend and adopt a corporate transformation and growth strategy has allowed him to successfully empower new generations of leaders into the full variety of executive roles, from CEO, COO, CFO, CXO, to VP roles.
His work in Executive Coaching focuses on companies seeking to invest in developing and retaining valuable executives. His support for leaders in times of strategic growth and his unwavering dedication to enhancing the leadership skills of his clients continuously sets him apart from other coaches. Rajeev is the foremost leader in his field of executive coaching who empowers others to reach their full potential and become true leaders in their fields…




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Are your mangers struggling to reliably hit ambitious team goals?



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