Transformational Growth

Transformational growth is led by Strategy. It’s about making the right decision at the right time, making, strategic choices. Finally, all change requires coordinated action from top to bottom.

Cupela can bring in an outside perspective, remove insider bias. Process includes Current state Analysis  – identify opportunities - define change – align all levels - perform pilot change – define measures of growth - bring in large scale change – ensure lasting impact.

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Reinvent Operations

Competition is now at a global scale, being competitive in your region is not sufficient. Business models are constantly being disrupted. Organizations need to deliver faster, cheaper and better constantly.

Cupela can help organizations reinvent, redefine operations, be lean, contemporize processes & systems – drive Continuous improvement.




Market Overview

– How is the market growing, what’s the potential?
– Key players, competitive landscape
– Client benchmarking, identify opportunities

Current Challenges

– People: Skill gap, motivation levels, leadership analysis
– Process: State of systems and methods, maturity level, adherence
– Technology: Does current solutions meet future needs?

Interview Stakeholders

– Identify customer value proposition, key strengths, pain points
– Leadership perspective, needs, expectations
– Staff challenges, culture, key needs

Future State Recommendations

- Process changes, opportunities for improvements
- Deploy new Technology – propose solutions
- Addressing key gaps across strategy, people skills etc

Transformation Steps

- Leverage market opportunities, address risks
- Detailed plan & solutions – path forward
- Implementation timeline, Buy-in and signoff


Digital Transformation

Digitization is the future of business, all aspects of business is getting digitized, marketing, operations, decision making, analytics and so on. Adopting next generation technology is not optional.

Cupela can identify opportunities for Digitization and associated benefits, define need, identify solutions, support implementation and realization of value.

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Managing Change in Leadership

To accelerate change, growing companies are looking for leadership with an intrapreneurial and global mindset, who embrace technology, lead and drive change.

 Cupela has deep expertise in assessing – restructuring – renewing and building leadership of tomorrow.