Transformational Growth Consulting

Transformational Growth is a fundamental reorientation of a business into either a new direction or an improved level of effectiveness. Which in most cases requires outside consulting.
Cupela Consulting, being void of any bias and untainted by established procedures will bring this essential “outside perspective” to your growth venture. With our many years of experience in corporate workflow, structure and production Cupela Consulting will identify opportunities, define necessary changes, develop and implement such opportunities and changes while ensuring a positive lasting impact on your corporation’s growth.

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Reinvent Operations
with Cupela Consulting

Today, competition is at a global scale and in many cases, being competitive just in your region may not be sufficient anymore. Existing business models are constantly being disrupted. There is a continuous pressure on corporations to deliver faster, cheaper and better quality.

Cupela Consulting is here to assist corporations to reinvent or redefine operations by modernizing and trimming down processes & systems to the most effective levels and drive continuous enhancements. Cupela Consulting is your partner for constant growth and increasing financial returns.


Typical Transformation Process
with Cupela Consulting


Market Overview

o Current & projected market growth - potential assessment
o Key players - Competitive landscape
o Customer persona generation
o Persona appraisal - identify opportunities

Current Challenges

o Personnel - Skill levels, adherence, motivation & leadership analysis
o Processes - State of systems and methods, development level,
o Technology- Ability of current technology to meet future needs

Interview Stakeholders

o Identify customer value anticipations, key strengths, pain points
o Leadership perspective, needs, expectations
o Staff challenges, culture, key needs, resilience

Future State Recommendations

o Process upgrades, opportunities for improvements
o Adopt to & implement new Technology – propose solutions
o Addressing key gaps across strategy, management & labor skills etc

Transformation Steps

o Exploit market opportunities, evaluate & address risks
o In depth plan & solutions – Path forward
o Implementation of timeline - Buy-in and signoff


Digital Transformation

Digitization is the future of all business. All aspects of business are getting digitized, marketing, operations, decision making, analytics and so on. Adopting next generation technology is not optional.

Cupela Consulting identifies opportunities for Digitization and the resulting benefits, defines requirements and identifies solutions. We further support the implementations and realizations of added value by the digital transformation.

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Realize your Corporations full potential with Cupela Consulting


Managing Change in Leadership

Accelerate Change
To accelerate change, growing companies are looking for leadership with an entrepreneurial and global mindset, who embrace technology, lead and drive change.

Cupela Consulting has extensive expertise in assessing – restructuring – renewing and building your executive leadership ready for tomorrow’s challenges in business.