Cupela, coaching Managers
to become Business Leaders


Coaching for the transition from manager to Business Leader

Managers have people work for them, while Business Leaders have people follow their vision. For many managers, an upwards career move necessitates the progression from Manager to Business Leader. Cupela coaching will assist and support the coachee in this transition which involves induced motivation of the Manager to mentally upgrade him- or her to become a Leader.

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Mindset change through professional coaching

The Managers role tends to be more tactical, focused on delivery, execution, managing team productivity, etc. With Cupela’s professional coaching techniques the Manager will successfully transition into a Business Leaders role by learning new additional skills, cultivating a new mindset and changes in focus.


Cupela Coaching creates a Transition Plan

Nothing happens without a plan, especially a person’s transition requiring mental transferences at multiple levels. Cupela Coaching creates such a plan at the very beginning of the coaching process after evaluating the Coachee’s mental readiness and requirements for the transition.

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Cupela Coaching induces key Mindset & Skill transitions, such as:

  • Expand Focus: Shift focus from just your team’s performance to what would benefit your company as a whole – tackle and solve complex organizational problems.

  • Tactical to Strategic: Transcend from just implementing an organizational strategy to being perspicacious by looking at the larger picture while maintaining the ability to deal with the fine points.

  • Internal to External: From an inward and downward focus to the peripheral and upward focus. Engage your key stakeholders and customers.

  • Command to Influence: Transition from managing to leading by transforming circles of power to circles of influence. Inspire and motivate others towards a shared goal.

  • Arrange to Structure: Finally, the transition from just the alignment of roles and responsibilities to corporate thinking, encompassing systems, structure, models and design.